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In the 1990s, the Knesset created a special find more on committee for women’s issues. Today there is an official Authority for the Advancement on the Status of Women as part of the Prime Minister’s office.

Three years ago, the Yerushalmit Movement attempted to launch a citywide ad campaign featuring only women. After Azaria’s victory in court, the bus company didn’t refuse the campaign, but it did argue that it feared buses would be vandalized, and tried to get the organization to pay an additional fee.

I’m also aware that it’s possible that women I know work in prostitution, but I’m simply unaware of it. I always thought it was something that’s beyond the pale, very far away. I once went to some fund-raising campaign of Lo Omdot Mineged (Don’t Stand Aside), an organization that provides support for male and female sex workers. But as fate would have it, the woman who was murdered in that 1960s story worked in prostitution, and in order to become familiar with that world before starting production, Yarom visited Saleet, an organization that provides assistance to women in prostitution. She ended up teaching a workshop on making videos to a group of women in a program there, who had decided to leave the cycle of prostitution.

  • The law requires that suspected victims be informed of their right to assistance.
  • The first female president of Israel’s Supreme Court, Dorit Beinisch is one impressive lady.
  • In 2016, after years of activism by the feminist group Women of the Wall, Netanyahu approved a plan to expand the space at one of the holiest sites in Judaism.
  • Gain confidence We empower young women to trust their voices and believe in their ability to create change.
  • The first female jet fighter pilot, Roni Zuckerman, received her wings in 2001.
  • The Caracal Battalion was formed which allowed men and women to serve together in light infantry.

Indeed, the rabbis succeeded in eliciting a positive response on almost all their demands with regard to the rights of religiously observant soldiers. The army has promised to allow soldiers to avoid conduct that violates their religious beliefs, even if such conduct is considered normal among the mainstream of Israeli society. Examples of such behavior include being alone in a room with a woman or seeing a woman in immodest clothing. Not surprisingly, rabbis involved in the process of updating the ordinance reported their satisfaction with the results, while women’s organizations felt as if they had lost this battle. The new ordinance aroused fierce public debate, with both women’s organizations and notable rabbis belonging to the Religious Zionist stream criticizing certain aspects of the ordinance. The women’s organizations claimed that even in the revised version, the ordinance continued to legitimize discriminatory and non-egalitarian situations.

In Science & Technology

Born in 1981, she grew up in a Muslim family in the Jewish town of Dimona, and is well-known in Israel for promoting coexistence and tolerance. Since winning the prize, Yonath has become a great model in Israel for higher education and has inspired great interest in science. Not strictly Israeli, Dr. Ruth Westheimer is actually a fascinating pre-state figure. Born in Germany in 1928, she arrived in Mandatory Palestine after losing her parents in the Holocaust. Once here, she joined the Haghanah paramilitary organization, where she was trained as a sniper. In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we brought together some of Israel’s most inspiring, trailblazing and absolutely fabulous women.

I Have Almost Decided to Pull My Ten-Year-Old out of Jewish Day School

Revered as Israel’s very own “Iron Lady,” Meir stood out for making it as a woman at a time when Israeli politics was heavily dominated by a male “old guard” and for her straight-talking, no-nonsense leadership style. Sixty percent of public servants are women, but most are concentrated in the lower ranks of the civil service. As the Affirmative Action legislation enacted within the past five years is put into practice, women’s representation in the higher ranks is improving substantially. Many political parties now stipulate a minimum number of women on all party lists, but these requirements are not yet implemented on all levels of party activity.

“It could be the opposite,” she said, noting that Ra’am is an Islamist party whose voters have highly traditional and patriarchal views of women. Part of Ra’am’s agreement to join the coalition government was its pledge to adopt a five-year plan worth nearly $1 billion aimed at curbing crime in the Arab sector, in addition to a $150-million plan for development in the long-neglected Arab community. The drugs were hidden inside shampoo containers and food supplement packages and were taken to a police lab for confirmation. Along with the four women, two men were arrested for suspicion of being behind the smuggling attempt. The police estimate that the young women were used as brokers to import the drugs in exchange for about $15,000. The four young women accused of smuggling 33lbs of cocaine and ketamine into Israel.

The organization has 100 branches in cities, towns and settlements all over the country. It also has sister organizations in other countries whose members are part of the World Labour Zionist Movement and the World Zionist Organization.

Within the Histadrut, the monolithic federation of labor unions in Israel, women are nominally represented at each level. The Histadrut has adopted a resolution declaring that thirty percent of its leadership must be women after having a long history of being unofficially discriminatory based on gender despite the meteoric rise of Golda Meir in the Histadrut’s early leadership. Many women are involved in political parties, but their numbers have tended to not be reflected in party leadership or on party lists for elected office. In the January 2013 election, however, three parties that won representation in the Knesset were headed by women – Shelly Yachimovich for Labor; Tzipi Livni for Ha’Tnuah; and, Zehava Gal-On for Meretz – possibly signaling a changing of the guard of sorts. Nevertheless, there are still positions in the IDF that are off limits to women.

Similarly, a Muslim man is privileged to divorce his wife without her consent and without petitioning the court. Similar problems with gender segregation have surfaced on airlines such as El Al, where ultra-Orthodox male passengers have pressured females to move, and planes have been delayed as a result. The New York Times interviewed Anat Hoffman on the phenomenon of ultra-Orthodox males asking female passengers on airlines to move, noting that IRAC had started a campaign urging Israeli women not to give up their seats. A major motivation for homicide in Israel is violence against women (including so-called “honor killings” in Muslim families). Several honor killings occur yearly in Israel within the Israeli Arab community.

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Seven Israeli women who have been there, who have worked in prostitution and made a living from giving their bodies to men, sit facing the camera and tell their stories in ways that are sometimes hard to reconcile with the common view of the profession. We Power (עמותת כ”ן – כוח לנשים) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women to leadership and decision-making roles in Israel. In 2013, Malka Schaps became the first female Haredi dean at an Israeli university when she was appointed dean of Bar Ilan University’s Faculty of Exact Sciences.

The indictment and conviction of former president Moshe Katsav for two counts of rape and other charges was interpreted as a victory for women. Rape crisis centers received record number of calls following the verdict. In 2013, the Minister of Religious Affairs and Chief Rabbis issued statements telling ritual bath attendants only to inspect women who want inspection, putting an end to forced inspections of women at mikvehs.

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