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However, before we mention further aspects of the profiles, we’d like to outline our experience with asian-brides.org/easternhoneys-review/ the site’s navigation. You can access some features of the Eastern Honeys after spending the required amount of credits. For instance, you can send a contact request after paying 3,000 credits.

  • Regardless of her basic English, we had a fun time together and I hope that we’ll continue our communication.
  • And we view our notifications and received messages.
  • They can of course help in locating potential partners.
  • Therefore, everything on this platform makes you feel that it is a professional dating service.
  • Eastern Honeys has a transparent pricing policy.
  • Then I tried Easternhoneys out of inquisitiveness and just because I like Asian girls.

Even though the site does not have mandatory email verification, you can be sure that your personal financial data is going to be safe. I would like to recommend EasternHoneys for those who want to communicate and develop relationships with women from Asian countries.

After that, you’ll be able to send messages to women . Let’s talk about each of these steps in more detail. To be honest, some of our other members felt that our prices are too high. In addition to these serious measures, we always provide high-quality support service for our members. Every query is carefully reviewed by our Investigation, Moderation, Financial or Technical departments.

Costs on EasternHoneys.com

This means that we have to go to certain expenses to maintain the same level of diligence for all our customers, and thus we set our prices. You can continue to use our free membership and there will be no liability for a subscription. Since we have no subscription at all, we don’t charge you without your approval. Also, checking your chat box requires no payments at all. My own Eastern Honeys review is that it’s a regular, simple, friendly Asian dating platform where you can stumble across both love and a friend.

The result of using EasternHoneys

After all, virtual flirting is innocent until it goes beyond the monitor. To show you are not a fake to other users, we recommend uploading several photos (4-5). There’s no subscription on EasternHoneys.com that renews every month. You just buy a desired amount of credits whenever you need them. In case you don’t want to purchase more, no one will force you to do that. If you want to make a pause in dating, deactivate your profile.

However, upon confirmation, you can receive 20 complimentary credits that will help you figure out everything about the advanced options. It is possible to contact a customer support team at We have been waiting for a response for 2 business days, which is pretty long if you have an urgent question or issue. Nevertheless, customer support is still professional and ready to help regardless of the problem. Moreover, those who create their accounts on EasternHoneys have a special urge to communicate. Nevertheless, you can still use some opening lines to make the conversations with sexy girls even more fun.

As we’ve noted before, they are the ones who pay for conversations, and that’s not what scammers usually do. I met women in Ukraine and Russia before this damn lockdown. Then I tried Easternhoneys out of inquisitiveness and just because I like Asian girls. But it was totally disappointing and hideous experience! My guess is Easternhoneys women are being paid for communicating with us. None of the women replied to my email after I purchased their contact information – that was the one that broke the camel’s back.

We give you simple and convenient instructions for this procedure. Registering an account is a free option available to all adult users. The process consists of four stages and takes up to 5-10 minutes. Eastern Honeys has a transparent pricing policy. As a new member, you’ll be offered to buy the first package for $2.99. It’ll allow you to test out all the tools on this website. Your profile page is very important to you – it is what all your dates will see and check right away.

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